“A parent is a teacher at home, a teacher is a parent in school and the child is the centre of our universe.”

Research proves that when families are involved in the education of their children in positive ways, the children maximize on their untapped potentials and are more regular to school and demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour.  To this effect, an ‘Orientation Programme’ for parents was organized on 18th June,2019 in the school hall. The programme commenced with a prayer song. The Principal Sr .Suchitra Futardo welcomed the parents and also introduced the new School Co-ordinator Sr.Beena. She also introduced Mr Francis Joseph and Ms Farzana Dodawala from the SLN Foundation who would be helping us with the setup and functioning of the ICSE. She shared the school vision,the curriculum, school systems, teaching methodologies and the co-scholastic activities. She laid stress on effective communication between the teachers and parents and also sought their support and suggestions so that the best could be done for the overall development of the students. She also gave tips on how to nurture a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a glorious future. There were queries that were answered and suggestions taken.

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